All Fold publications are available as free downloads. Click and hold (Mac) or right-click (PC) the image or link and choose "save link to disk", or similar to download direct. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above.
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FRED 2008 - the final evaluation

PDF file

FRED Evaluation 2007

PDF file

FRED 2006 Evaluation

FRED 2006 Evaluation.

PDF file

Evaluation 2005

PDF file


FRED Evaluation (draft)

Draft evaluation of FRED 2004.

PDF file

Art Festival Report - the little one

Art Festival Report (recommendations):

Report recommendations from the research and development project for a festival of artist-led events in Cumbria.

Art Festival Report - the big one

Full Art Festival Report:

Full report from the research and development project into a festival of artist-led events in Cumbria. Contains full list of research methods, recommendations, financial implications and statistical analysis.

Ideas Pad for a Festival

Ideas Pad:

The starting point for the research and development of an artist-led festival of visual art in Cumbria.

O-Level in Being A*sed

Exam Paper:

Questionnaire on networks, resources and open studio events set out as an exam paper in being arsed! The online version rewards you with an 'O'-level certificate in being arsed.... fun, but useful.

First Annual Report

Annual Report 2003:

Our very first, and award-winning annual report marking the first 1 1/2 years of Fold. The booklet is still available as a heavy card book, or soft-play cloth version that you can chew! For details, please contact us.

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