FRED an art invasion across Cumbria  

Aaron J. Robin , Laura Belevica , Feng Guochuan


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steel and polyvinyl

(3m x 3m x 3m )

ThickSpace_FRED is a flexible block of light hanging in the woods, you can touch it, walk inside it or just contemplate it.

Big Wood, Coniston

Open daily throughout, illuminated from 6.30pm till 9pm.

SD 326 995

Follow signs from main car park at Tarn Hows SD326995

ThickSpace is a series of installations that engage the public in altered sensory experiences. The intention of thickening space responds to the high speed, hyper visual environments that have become increasingly ubiquitous in today's world. These installations create opportunities to slow down, if only momentarily, and to experience a variety of otherwise normative situations through an altered spatial medium. Inhabiting ThickSpace stimulates a change in the way people interpret their surroundings by reorganizing the hierarchy of sensory perceptions.

While the idea grew out of an interest in urban conditions and the relationship between people and commerce, we are primarily interested in questioning the status quo of the dominance of the eyes in shaping our surroundings. Hence we believe that this idea also applies to the interaction between people and nature. ThickSpace_FRED is an experiment in the experience of being in a landscape.

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Presented in partnership with the Coniston Walking Festival

Thanks to: National trust,  Blankenfelde
Zhubo Design

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