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Waist High Passimeter

Plaques and Awards made from acrylic and wood

(Dimensions variable )

Gold, Silver and Silver Gilt awards for creative ways of holding gates open and shut, in the rural areas of the Lancaster and Morecambe district..

various (TBC)



Check the blog for the latest awards.

Some time during the ’07 camping season’ we came across a gate, which a friend pointed out had an intriguing mechanism keeping it shut. Far from the over engineered pneumatic spring one is accustomed to getting trapped in, this gate was held shut with a twig.

As artists we found this simple creative solution a source of inspiration and since then we have felt the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon kicking in. We have been noticing gate mechanisms everywhere we go, and have come to realise that the most creative are not made by ‘gate designers’. The most creative are home made, make shift mechanisms created by farmers, forest wardens and land owners.

We proposed a project, The waist high passimeter awards, which celebrate this unsung craft, these useful creative interventions. Awards of gold, silver and silver guilt medals for the most outstanding and innovative gate mechanisms across Cumbria.

The gate mechanisms will be documented, along with map co-ordinates and where possible their provenance. A plaque will be placed next to each gate. This plaque will contain a detailed illustration of the mechanism, its provenance and other appropriate info. Medals will be awarded to the creator & displayed upon the plague stand.

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Thanks to:This project is supported by Lancaster City Council. Equipment provided by Dr Paul Coutlon at Lancaster University.