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Jennifer Brooks, Gary Gardiner, James Hamilton, Di Clay and Jen Martin


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Disputed Lands by Carlisle Arts Hub

Disputed Lands


(Dimensions variable )

Welcome to Scotland, where the border should be. Redressing the status quo with tartan, entertaining the idea of Carlisle being Scottish again…




Sign-viewable from the M6 north of  Southwaite services.

Tartan and interventions-Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle.

Maps available from Carlisle TIC and Tullie House.

The Carlisle Artists Hub has taken the opportunity of FRED to reignite old debates, to increase communication between the borders, but most importantly, to turn Carlisle Scottish. In order to fulfill our Scottish dreams, we've carried out a few interventions in and around the city, including erecting a sign viewable from the M6, letting people know they are welcome in the beautiful Scottish city of Carlisle. We've also designed a Carlisle tartan, shown in local shop fronts on some nifty tartan bags, and for the duration of FRED we will be handing out handy maps for visitors, showing how the border has been redrawn.
So why not pack up your haggis and your kilt and head on over to Carlisle, Scotland, for that truly Scottish experience.