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Benjamin Teasdale


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Uncommon Ground by Ben Teasdale

Uncommon Ground

Orange plastic carriers bags installed on limestone pavement approximately
30m by 30m

Orange plastic bag drawings in limestone pavement. Plastic and rock, waste and art.

Newbiggin Crags, Farleton Fell, Nr Carnforth

10am to 4pm each Saturday and Sunday throughout.

SD 545 798

Directions from car parking: Cross the road and take the left hand path and walk, keeping the wall on your left for 0.8 mile when the wall turns left. Go through the gate on the left and walk straight ahead for .25 mile. Cross stile on left hand wall and proceed straight onto pavement.

The idea was born from my interest in vivid colours and how they appear when contrasted in different environments whether they are artificial or natural. Strong, bold colours are a life-force - powerful, physical and emotional. They can be symbolic, decorative or in many cases, both.
Used on the context of the limestone it creates a very unnatural contrast to the largely faded and monochromatic landscape yet also blends and enhances the relatively two-dimensional nature of the pavement.
The introduction on plastic waste into isolated, unspoilt landscape is incongruous and would inevitably be viewed as ugly. I chose an orange shopping bag due to the malleability of the material and their flooding of everyday life. The recent furore over plastic bags only reinforces my intentions to use them due to their already controversial existence.
Yet the work aims to challenge the assumption that such waste is uniformly ugly and worthless and create a context where the combination could be complimentary and aesthetically pleasing.