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Welcome to the Press Area. Here you can download press releases, preview images and cleared images for publication once FRED has started.

All downloads are either as Microsoft Word format (*.doc) or Adobe PDF (*.pdf). Image files are generally Jpeg (*.jpg) and larger files are in zip format (*.zip). Colour profiles are generally sRGB and embedded.

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PR is handled by Osprey Communications: +44 (0)15394 42436

FRED office: +44(0)17683 71561 (contact Steve or Hannah)


Press releases:

16/08/07 - Fred_press_release_1.doc

03/09/07 - Fred_press_release_2.doc

10/09/07 - FRED_press_release_3.doc





Published articles (FRED 2007):

Evening Mail -23/08/07:

North West Evening Mail - 21/08/07 :

Whitehaven News - 23/08/07:

Newcastle Journal - 18/08/07:

News & Star - 20/08/07:

the Guardian - 25/08/07:

Last Minute Travel (online article in Hebrew):

England Toursit Board (online):

the Scotsman - 07/09/07:

News and Star (Carlisle) - 25/09/07:



images from previous years - please credit © Tony West / Steve Messam


FRED is facillitated by Fold

FRED management team:

Steve Messam (Director, Fold )
Bryan Eccleshall(Project Coordinator)
Helen Fletcher (Project Coordinator)
Richard Webster (Project Coordinator)
Hannah Stewart (Administrator)
Richeldis Messam (Supervision)
Paul Gardner (Osprey Communications - Press & PR)
Tony West (Photography)

FRED 2007 has been supported by the following: