A Bird In The Bush



dates:Throughout, except Fridays and Saturdays


location: Levens Hall (Admission charges apply)


directions : Just off the A590/A591 Junction. Follow the Brown Signs.


Sound installation.

As the natural world shifts and changes what will replace the familiar sights and sounds of the British countryside?

Synthesised songs of the robin echo through a changed landscape. From within another nesting box a cuckoo sends a mocking call.

A new song for the robin was created using original field recordings of the bird to give structure. New melodic phrases were then formed by building notation sequences based upon selected protein sequences of the genetic code of the Robin.

This piece reflects concerns about the replacement of living organisms with synthetic counterfeits and was inspired by the planting of hundreds of fake daffodils along the shore of Lake Windemere in March 2007.


With thanks to  Daniel Swarb of Stephenson High School, Killingworth for his help with the creation of the birdboxes.

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