Full Circle

Paul Clark


dates: 29th September


location : Observable from Blackstone Point


directions : From the train station, turn right and follow the road around the bend to the left onto the seafront promenade. Turn left up Silverdale road, and then after 300m, right onto Redhills Road. Follow this road for about 800m and when it forks follow the right fork onto New Barns road. Keep on this road, which will gradually become a track, and after another 800m you will come out on the side of the estuary. Parking is possible here. Walk round the coast from here following the FRED signs, through the wood to the circle viewing platform.


On the 29th September, I plan to dig an elongated elliptical trench into the mud in the estuary so that, from a fixed viewpoint, looking west, an apparently vertical circle will reflect the colour of the changing sky. The trench will be cut in the morning before high water at 13:40. As the flood tide ebbs, the elliptical trench will remain filled with water and describe the full circle from the viewpoint. Subsequent tides will erode the circle and reclaim the mud.

  Dedicated to Donald Clark (1922 -2007)