Global Warming Society

Rich Webster




location: The Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle


directions :Lanes Shopping Centre is between Scotch Street and Lowther Street in the centre of Carlisle.


In A.D. 120 a market place in Oinoanda in Asia Minor, a local trader and follower of Epicurian Philosophy built a wall measuring 80m long and 4m high bearing slogans that countered the slogans of advertising and the purchasing of material things to attempt to induce happiness.

The Lane Shopping Centre is about the same dimensions and the intention is to replace the current banners with a spectrum of coloured banners from bleuish to redish.

This references the Oinoanda Wall with a slant on challenging the current sale of happiness through environmentally friendly goods.

The banners represent the natural warming and cooling of the Earth and that this will happen despite the imposition of Global Warming policy on domestic purchases.


With thanks to staff and management at The Lanes shopping centre