Orange Slice

Bridget Kennedy


dates: Throughout


location: Nunnery Hill, near Garrigill

OS grid ref: 76(35)42(25) 77(51)42(90)


directions : Access by road from Alston turn on to B6277 towards Garrigill (Middleton Teesdale direction) after approx 2 miles road fork to left follow this until crossroads (another 2 miles past fork (approx)) At crossroads turn left onto single track road leading to Nenthead (part of C2C cycle route). First intervention at roadside approx one mile along this road, second approx three quarters of a mile further on.

Alternatively: Access by road from Nenthead turn off A689 past Nenthead mining centre, drive carefully through small back street, turn left up steep bank (Dowgang Hush) direction Garrigill. First intervention approx quarter of mile up hill along this single-track road, second intervention approx three quarters of mile further along road.

Very limited bus service to Nenthead via Alston see for details of the 680 681 888 and 889 services


In our effort to understand this world we (the human race) have conquered, named, measured, mapped, and stuck a flag in almost every corner of the earth. Some of these activities have had visible consequences within the landscape, others are more elusive. Walls exist because of land use or land ownership, they have come about through desire or need, they have a history. Contour lines are empirical evidence; they just are, on one side it is above 270m (for example) and on the other it is below. In this project I wish to make the invisible visible by tracking the route of a contour line and marking where it crosses a wall as the wall passes up and then down the side of a hill. Therefore you pass the same contourline twice, once on your way up and again on your way down. Scaling up from an OS map to one to one scale, the contourline changes from being a thin orange line on a piece of paper to a visible marker in the landscape.