Ministry of Creative Parking

Kate Gilman Brundrett



dates: 29th September, 6th & 13th October


location: Penrith


directions : At M6 junction 40 follow signs for Town centre.


The Pink Warden is a light-hearted revelation to highlight the madness of imposing rules and regulations - in this case parking fines.

Every week there is a letter in the Herald from visitors claiming they will never return to Penrith having been issued with a ticket.

The Ministry of Creative Parking will reward car owners with a parking-style ticket, in this case pink, containing a lollipop and a certification of their creative parking (date/time/description/etc). A picture of their parking will then be added to the moce website - the Ministry of Creative Existence - as a way reveal the sillyness to a wider audience, get feedback and offer the Pink Warden's services to other areas of imposition.