Song of the River

Bang Bang Collective



dates: Throughout


location: Various locations around Cockermouth


directions : At the bridge over the River Cocker, next to the HSBC Bank and in and around Market Place at the east end of the town.


Debbie Taylor: An Encounter with Otherness

In considering the enormity of this rugged yet smooth landscape – i.e. the fells and the lakes – its scale, its many moods and atmospheres; and the sense of isolation one may experience, feelings of an encounter with otherness - humankind’s vulnerable position within the sublime landscape - are roused. Alluding to humankind’s vulnerable place within an awe-inspiring landscape, I am recreating John William Waterhouse’s painting The Lady of Shallott (1888)

“ of the few scenes of the time to depict a woman out of doors and alone, serving to emphasise her vulnerability.” (from with thanks)

Using a combination of 8mm and 16mm film and digital equipment the film will be shown in the window of Neo’s Bookshop Café and Gallery during evenings throughout FRED.

Moray Cameron: Riverfish

With a global consciousness gathering this project takes in two important issues: The issue of waste material and ecological power.

The project will show how waste plastic can be used as a medium and the local river - The Cocker - can be used as a source of power.

Debbie Taylor and Moray Cameron are artists who work as part of the 'Bang Bang Collective' in Cockermouth.

Look out for other projects and events in Cockermouth during FRED.

Other artists include: Jette Riedlin, Ryan Griffiths, Richardson Wood, Linda Moore.



Thanks to: CG's, NEO's, The Cockermouth Partnership Ltd