Flying Inside

Jo Lathwood


dates: 2nd - 14th October


location:On the Sugar Tongue, Whitehaven Harbour


directions : the harbour at Whitehaven is well signposted for cars and pedestrians. Buses and trains from Carlisle and West Cumbria


-“Flying Inside” consists of a series of 13 discs that form a trail. Each disc is a circle with a silhouette of a universal adult body shape inside it, so that a multitude of people can pass through the work. “Flying Inside” invites the audience to pass through each disc with their arms outstretched. The journey is reminiscent of childhood and replicates the movement children make when they are pretending to fly.

“Flying Inside” is a playful piece of work; it uses a nostalgic movement to unify both generation and culture gaps.  “Flying Inside” links ephemeral emotions to the solid physical shapes formed by the sculpture.  “Flying Inside” plays on the idea that we can surpass our natural limitations through stimulating our imaginations.

“Flying Inside” is conceptually suited to an outdoor environment. Part of my personal motivation and passion for building this piece is driven by the rare opportunity to exhibit in an area of outstanding natural beauty. I want “Flying Inside” to lift people from the everyday and give them a wholesome experience.