Steve Messam


dates:8th October only


location: St Bees


directions : : From the train station at St Bees, follow station road, then beach road down to the promenade and the beach. The Sandcastles will be visible from here and the tearoom by the car park

  3,500 sandcastles, paper flags. 280 x 20m

Seasides are for having fun in the sand. The Cumbrian Coast has a rich heritage of both tourism and military defences-both of which are simply historic today.                                                                                                

An entire beach will be filled with 10" sandcastles, each sporting a red paper flag. The installation will be created by a team of volunteers between high tides. The sea eventually reclaiming the work and re-rendering it as smooth sand the following tide.                                   

 The work will be documented through time lapse photography for future presentation.