London to Faeryland

Teresa Gillespie


dates: Throughout


location: Faeryland Tea Rooms, Grasmere


directions : A short walk (less than 1/2 km) from Grasmere village; past the Garden Centre on the road, which runs around the western side of the lake.


On March 31st 1990 London experienced one of the UK’s most violent protests. An 18 year old anarcho punk from East London was among the 200,000 demonstrating that day against Thatcher’s poll tax. He was not, however, one of the 500 who were arrested. While friends were sentenced from two to three years imprisonment, he simply disappeared.


17 years later the now 36 year old is thought to be a man who until recently was living in a caravan outside the Faeryland Tearooms by Grasmere Lake. The owner of the tearooms found Millican sleeping in the caravan late last year. They came to an agreement that Millican could stay in the caravan in exchange for some small jobs and general caretaking of the grounds. Last month Millican disappeared again. A police statement described the caravan as a ‘labyrinth of fragmented evidence’ that led them to question Millican’s identity and activities.

With thanks to Faeryland Tea Rooms