Sally Barker


dates: Throughout - but catch the sculptures early in Fred as they will biodegrade!


location: on or near footpath up Stickle Ghyll, Great Langdale. Leaflet with details from Sticklebarn Tavern NY295065.


directions : Sticklebarn Tavern is on the B5343, next to The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. Nearest car park is the National Trust one.



Visitor is a series of about 8 sculptures of recognizable structures from around the world, situated on & around the Stickle Ghyll footpath and made from the natural, local materials. Created in & from the landscape (if the weather allows)- grass, stones, twigs, sheep wool and shit are bound, twisted & manipulated into such wondrous sights as The Statue of Liberty and The Eiffel Tower. Possibly walked past, chewed by dogs, stolen or more optimistically, allowed to disintegrate with the weather.

“Visitor” is about the landscape of The Lake District and its relationship to a world wide influx of visitors. By creating well-known structures from very localized materials, “Visitor” invites the outside world into Langdale, meshing the exterior with the interior, the celebrated with the mundane. More personally, it reflects my position as an artist living in London, though from the countryside, invited in to make & show work in this incredible landscape.

  old dungeon ghyll hotel