The Sawrey Sculpture Trail

Bryan Eccleshall




location: Pick up leaflets and audio guides from Sawrey Stores, Far Sawrey.


directions : Park at Far Sawrey Village Hall (leave a donation) and walk to the Village Stores.


A previously unknown sculpture trail has been uncovered by local artist Bryan Eccleshall.

Collect a leaflet and/or audio guide from Sawrey Stores (SD378955) and take the 4km guided walk around the villages of Far and Near Sawrey and up to Moss Eccles Tarn.

Bryan Eccleshall says:

“I enjoy encouraging people to look at the world in new and interesting ways. Much of my work is about taking the mundane and placing it in the context of the art world to see how it looks there. It's my belief that one of the few things artists can successfully do is re-present the world to their viewers so that they can see the world anew when they return to it.”

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