Green Scarf Series III

Christine Stringfellow




location:Barnardo's, 23-25 Market Place, Kendal, LA9 4TP


directions : Central Kendal

  green scarf - christine stringfellow

Green Scarf explores the idea of the unwanted and unfashionable against the apparent desire by consumers for designer and contemporary.  It questions our quality judgments and values whilst hi-jacking the notion of "green" the new designer label to make us feel good.

Green Scarf Series III, a range of “designer” accessories is made from unwanted items bought from Barnardo’s in Kendal.  The new items have a designer label stating maker i.e..  "Green Scarf" and includes images of textiles used.

If the designer label is the most desirable part of a designer item by placing the unwanted textiles' images as the dominant element on the label are the importance of the unwanted item and more desirable designer object transposed?

At the end of FRED this series of Green Scarf will be donated back to Barnardo’s.

Thanks to Barnardo's: