11th September - 14th October 2006

OPEN DAY October 14th
10am - 6pm

Dave Ball, Anne Gutt, Ruth Barry, Rachel Gomme, Adele Prince, Dædalus, Claire Brewster, Niki Russell.

'The shop seemed to be full of all manner of curious things-- but the oddest part of it all was, that whenever she looked hard at any shelf, to make out exactly what it had on it, that particular shelf was always quite empty: though the others round it were crowded as full as they could hold.'
Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There - Lewis Carroll (1871)

8 artists, having common working concerns dealing variously with art and the everyday, and the 'performance' of minimal gestures, have been invited to undertake a series of 3 day mini-residencies (living and working in the gallery space) during which time each artist will both carry out personal research and create in a labour intensive manner, a single work for a final exhibition/critique/open day on October 14th.

Each of these periods will be book ended by a day in which each artist meets and dialogues with the previous/subsequent artist. The 'arrangement' of the final show will be negotiated by the participants as the project progresses.

Hostage Negotiator - Paul Lewis