An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Adele Prince


Designs for FRED 2006

(guidebook, posters, postcards, sew-on badges, button badges, enamel hat badges & waliking stick shields)

Distributed across the county and neighbouring regions.

Adele Prince often conceives and sites her work within the urban setting, seeking out the things that are discarded as inhabitants go about their everyday life. In, Adele went for a walk around Nottingham, Portsmouth and South London spotting abandoned supermarket trolleys and documenting their model type and location. It is this interaction between the inhabitant and the space they pass through that interests Adele, and she often examines the movement and gesture that occurs when people negotiate the gaps between buildings and each other.

For FRED Adele has a whole new rural world to explore! With the events taking place over such a vast area, visitors are encouraged to go in any direction and spot the art. A sense of adventure is emphasised, with modes of transport being wide and varied: pull on your hiking boots, pick up your walking stick and head up that path; tighten your helmet chin strap and get on your bike; power up your GPS and run for the hills; or, if you are feeling particularly bold, put your cossie on and dip your toes in the lake! Adele has created a map and guide to help visitors to FRED find their way round, having an adventure along the way, documeting their findings and sharing these on the FRED website.

Don't forget to look out for the extra special limited edition badges, sew-on patches and walking stick badges!

Also part of teetotum @ foldgallery

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