An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Kate Brundrett



(household objects)

NY 615 372
Opposite the Village Bakery, Melmerby - 9 miles east of Penrith on the A686

Passers by will notice a colourful section of dry stone wall bricks being replaced with domestic objects usually found in the kitchen,- plates, bowls etc. Wall continues Kate’s exploration of a theme of sociological enquiry by placing objects into a situation with an entirely different context. The intention here is to raise responses about the combination of objects used to build Kate’s wall, and the representation of those objects in terms of function, purpose and user assumptions.

Working in a variety of media, from illustration to installation, Kate’s projects often reflect an aspect of society: from her ‘small wonderments’ and ideas of intrigue, to spontaneous drawings that capture the idiosyncrasies of modern day life. Kate uses larger scale installation as a medium to raise sociological queries, stemming from a fascination with how the self sits within its social and physical environment, and how we deal with the tensions this creates. Interaction is often an important component of the installations, where the audience is invited to take part, to touch, to play. Kate worked for a number of years at The Independent newspaper as a graphic artist, and completed an M.A. in Art’s Management at City University and now lives and works in Cumbria.

Wall by kate Brundrett at Melmerby

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