An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Sally Barker


Roast Lamb over Wast Water

(Photograph on vinyl using Herdwick lamb)

OS grid ref:
Back of The Mountain Goat bus, touring around the Lake District.

The iconic view over Wasdale is remade with roast lamb sourced from Herdwick sheep which have grazed on the shores of Wast Water. This image is then printed onto sticky vinyl & installed on the back of The Mountain Goat touring bus which travels throughout the Lake District, until February 2007.

This new work for Fred addresses thoughts & feelings about the landscape of Cumbria. I am struck by the immensity of this land particularly the mountains: incredibly beautiful, massive in size, iconic in status. By re-making them in model form, I started the impossible task of somehow getting to grips with the landscape, of taking hold of it, carving it out for myself. The use of food comments on our consuming nature and how we devour the landscape- through visual material like postcards & tv, through driving and walking through it. Having been brought up on a beef farm, now living in London and with little access to the countryside, this work brings myself & the landscape closer together.

With kind permission of Mountain Goat

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