An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Christine Stringfellow


Back to the land, for FRED

(Part 1 colour pencils, paper, found objects & postage stamps. Part 2 colour pencils, labels, prepared postcards and postage stamps.)

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13th Oct Lake District Visitors’ Centre, Brockhole, Windermere; 14th Oct Grizedale Visitors Centre, Grizedale Forrest, Hawkshead ; 15th Oct. Pencil Museum, Keswick

Part 1 – back to the land, a series of drawings (in the broadest sense) made at various seaside locations are folded & posted to FRED then re-presented to show a panorama of Cumbria’s coast.

Part 2 - Using back to the land as inspiration, members of the public are invited to make a personalised postcard of Cumbria to send home to a friend, family member, workmates... is part of The Big Draw. takes contemporary art activities to new audiences. All the work is devised and delivered by Christine Stringfellow who ensures participating is easy, interesting and fun!

the Big Draw

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