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Jane Anderson


British Tits

(Tippex on found book)

OS grid ref: SD 657 291
Sedbergh Library. Opening times: Mondays: 5 - 7pm, Wednesdays: 9.30am - 5pm, Fridays: 2 - 5pm, Saturdays: 9.30am - 12.30pm

British Tits - is a book found in a charity shop, printed in the late seventies it provides the reader a varied in sight into the lives of the tit species. The Artist has re-edited the book as an adolescent school child would - cheekily tippexing each page. Leaving snippets of information that changes the intended research into 'British Tits'. The intervention will take place in Sedberghs local library. The book will be installed by using the original binarary code '598.2 TIT' positioning it in the correct context. Tit enthusiasts, library members and other interested parties can find the work using the code – or accidentally while browsing the ‘Birds and Mammals’ section.

Jane has a passion for finding objects and images when rummaging through car boot sales, e-bay auctions and charity shops. She enjoys the serendipity of these finds, the idea that they are lost items no longer wanted by their original owner and abandoned to their fate, awaiting rescue to be given a new lease of life. These recovered items are starting points for sculptural and two-dimensional works. Through her research Jane questions the function of each item; most have a previous history that initially interests her and which she can playfully manipulate. Elements of social order and disorder within today’s society are often portrayed. Jane tries to draw the humour out of these cultural misunderstandings and everyday humiliations. In her artwork, Jane avoids a signature style using varied materials to create work allowing every avenue of investigation to remain open.

British Tits by Jane Anderson at Sedbergh Library

With kind permission of Sedbergh Library and Sedbergh Book Town

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