An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Diane Rickerby


Hear Not There

(Sound Installation)

OS grid ref: CA28 7LY, CA28 7LR, CA28 7DN
Whitehaven: The Beacon, Zest Harbourside, The Rum Story

Diane has placed three monitors in three different locations in whitehaven. Each monitor will show a series of well known karaoke songs being performed by people who live in Whtehaven. Half the singers are locals who have been born and vred in the town. The other half have moved to Whitehaven from other parts of the world. The soundtracks for these pieces have beed swapped. It is fun and entertaining but, most importantly, Diane’s aim is to show how Whitehaven is becoming a multicultural town, where non-Cumbrians have to learn about the culture and traditions to adapt to their surroundings. Over the two-week period the three monitors with headphones will be displayed on a plinths across three different locations in Whitehaven. The three locations chosen are popular with both locals and tourists.

Diane’s work deals with issues of culture and identity, home and belonging. One of the ways Diane has been able to explore these complex subjects is by looking at how language plays a key role in each area. Diane has become fascinated by how Cumbria is becoming a multicultural county especially her hometown of Whitehaven, where people from all over the world are choosing to live. Through her work Diane explores the feelings that come with being introduced to a new language and dialect and the feelings of being an outsider, being misunderstood and the frustration of learning a language that is not your mother tongue. Through learning, the barriers of communication are broken, leaving a space where relationships can be formed.


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