An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Samantha Allen


Shaped Voids

(Wood, Paint, Chalk)

Work removed

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All work centred in Millom which is reached from the A595 Greenodd to Whitehaven Rd.Locations where instruction leaflets can be found:Millom Library – (St George's Road)Millom Folk Museum – (Millom Railway Station building)Millom Post Office – (Holborn Hill)

Shaped Voids, is a series of scenes installed around the town of Millom. The scenes are comprised of large cut-out silhouettes referencing compositions from historical paintings of industrial towns. Each individual silhouette will orientate the viewer around a nineteenth century townscape and will act as a catalyst to imagine the lost scenes of this once thriving and important industrial town. The viewer is invited to contribute their thoughts on the relationship between the history of town and these ‘forgotten’ scenes by using the chalk attached to each silhouette to physically write down their responses.

Allen's practice is continuously developing within a core area; the relationship between objects, sites and the people who use them. Through site-specific intervention, she subtly alters a site with an addition of an object that is both incongruous but also conceivable, such as a fence in the park or handrail in a foyer. By altering the ‘routine’ of the site the users of the space become the audience and are invited to question their surroundings. Through various modes of documentation Allen collates and evaluates the audiences' reactions to the work, producing an ongoing body of research into the complexities and absurdity of audience participation.

supported by Copeland Borough Council

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