An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Bryan Eccleshall


A Gift From

(Mobile intervention, based on geocaching)

OS grid ref: NY 036 300
You will need to be a registered geocacher - Search for ‘FRED’s Cache’- to take part, but you can follow the progress of the items on - Also - Oxfam in Cockermouth CA13 9PZ

Bryan has placed souvenirs, bought from local charity shops, into a local Geocache – FRED's cache. Logged and recorded in ‘real time’ these found objects will make an unsteady way home through the online community of geocachers. In order to participate in Bryan’s intervention you will need to be a registered geocacher – Progress of the items can be viewed at A physical record of Bryans work will be available at Oxfam in Cockermouth CA13 9PZ for the duration of FRED.

Bryan’s work may seem invisible when compared with other artworks, but those that do come across it develop a close relationship with his work.Many people object to CCTV cameras and feel we live in a Big Brother state, but choose to be surveilled when it suits them. By sending souvenirs back to their “home town” I am trying to use a light-hearted way of tracking objects in a benign version of surveillance.

With kind permission of Oxfam, Cockermouth

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