An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Lucia Cipriano


PIQUE NIQUE by Cart Blanche

(Mobile Gallery)

October 5th – 8th

OS grid ref: SD 304 975
Locations announced from 10am each day at the Tourist Information Centre, Coniston. LA21 8EH, or sign up for free Text alerts - text FRED to 07772 276 113 . Please bring something with you for the show.

Cart Blanche (mobile gallery) goes el fresco with a show called PIQUE NIQUE. Watch out for this gallery-as-picnic-basket in the picturesque countryside. Over 4 days, people will be invited to contribute to a common gathering and roving feast. Functioning as a temporary occupation of public space, this impromptu ‘picnic society’ will be announcing the perfect ‘PIQUE NIQUE’ spots in and around Coniston.

Apparently, ‘picnic’ comes from the 17th century French word Piquenique. ‘Piquer’ meaning to pick or peck, and ‘Nique’- a nonsense syllable rhyming with pique.

PIQUE NIQUE begins with the following participants: Alan Liddiard, Gayle Chong Kwan, Daniel Lehan, Deej Fabyc, Maryam Hashemi, Sharon Gal, Ernesto Sarezale, Dee Honeybun, Pilar Villela, Calum F. Kerr, and others joining along the way.

Cart Blanche is a ‘white cube’ on wheels or box-for-things-to-happen-in (or out of) and was launched by Lucia Cipriano, on the occasion of the Exhibition State of Independence, July 1st, 2004 in London. It has since shown works in various locations, street corners, and festivals such as F-EST in East London, and London Biennale 2006 events including Stu dio Ra Contemporary Art, in Rome. Lucia Cipriano is interested in an intersection of art and life which provokes participatory and communicative processes, and that incorporates the social into art in a way that perhaps facilitates more inclusive spaces for personal agency. Her work takes parallel expression in art spaces as well as unofficial public and private places where boundaries and identities are disturbed and explored.

With kind permission of the National Trust

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