An Art Invasion Across Cumbria

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Lee Cavaliere


Last Words

(Audio installation)

OS grid ref: NY 252 206
Brandlehow Park, on the West bank of Derwent Water.
Park at Hawse End and walk to the Landing Stage on the lake. Then walk south a short way until you see the FRED sign. If you get to the giant hands, you've gone too far.
You could also take the launch from Keswick.

Last Words will take the form of what people would like their last words to be, or Last Words that have a particular personal meaning. These will be played through speakers triggered by motion-sensors.

Lee is using FRED ’06 as an opportunity to approach the connection between our own feelings of mortality and our perception of nature’s longevity. Lee has advertised for people to send examples of last words, imagined or real. These will be played from speakers in the trees at Brandlehow Park, on Derwent Water. A good number of people visit this beauty spot every day, particularly at weekends. Now as they look out over Derwent Water, they can hear the sighs of past lives whispering through the leaves above their heads.

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