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Amanda Delaney

Full of Wind

Mixed Media ( Cumbrian air dried ham, Steel, Shellac, Polythene film, Wood, Paint & Grass )

1st –16th October 2005

Project description:

Wind Farm’ is a miniature wind turbine covered in Cumbrian air dried ham, sealed and wrapped in polythene film, surrounded by grass and a white picket fence. From a distance it will look like the turbine is made out of marble and during the event period, the meat will change colour and texture, creating a ‘living’ temporary piece of work. The title and use of meat in the work is ‘tongue in cheek’, used to create a message.

Artists statement:

The ‘Wind Turbine Energy’ Farm issue is very topical at the moment, with the prospect of yet another Cumbrian Wind Farm being built. As this is being debated by Government bodies, locals, ecologist’s and ‘green’ campaigners in London, I wanted to raise the profile of the issue about where these farms are being sited by making a creative statement. First it was a Nuclear dumping ground and then several Wind Turbine Farms, with more planned, has Cumbria not already given enough energy resources to the UK ?



Low Sizergh Barn, Sizergh, Nr Kendal


Signposted off the A590


Low Sizergh Barn


Artist's website:

Special thanks to: Low Sizergh Barn Farm Shop sizergh barn

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