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victoria dean

Victoria Dean

The Journey

Mixed media

10th October – 16th October 2005

Project description:

The Journey: a physical journey and an artistic journey. 

I will be making works using elements of a journey, concentrating on the ticket and the means of transport.  I will be expressing the personal journey through stitch.  The seat at which I sit will be my canvas on each of my journeys.  As well as an artistic journey both for me and for the people who encounter the work (either while in progress or after I have left), it will be a journey with a sense of adventure – I will be making a number of journeys a day and exploring the county as I go.  Each individual piece will show my feelings towards the landscape through which I will be travelling, and emotions I feel while I am journeying.  Each journey I make will be documented in photographs, notes, and the final work.

Artists statement:

I am interested in expressing myself artistically through traditional crafts, such as embroidery.  I feel that using traditional means and untraditional forms is an interesting concept, and one I have been experimenting with throughout my degree.  The idea of using my surroundings as a gallery in which to show work is another idea I think is interesting – in many ways it is better to show art in this way, outside of the gallery context, as it is less threatening and more enjoyable if people can see art without having to really realise it.  It brings art to people who may not normally think of going to see it, and makes it accessible to everyone.



Various Bus and Train routes in Cumbria






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