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AsArt (Jenny Wroe & Paul MacFarlane)

Love Thy Neighbour


1st - 16th October

Project description:

As artists our work tackles a range of concerns and this piece will be no different.  However, although we guide the viewer geographically, we are not attempting to guide their thoughts and opinions as one might find elsewhere in the standard gallery environment.  We believe fully in people experiencing art in the outdoor environment and in fresh air and exercise. We aim in FRED 2005, not to create a tactile object for others to admire but to take on the challenge of creating an experience.  After all, it is often the experience of seeing a great piece of art that exerts its impression as opposed to the piece alone.  We (AsArt) have always believed in travel, journeys and in the importance of experience above all else - interaction with the world around us is central to the development of the human 'self'. We are born with bodies built for movement and brains stimulated by activity, yet so often we sit in an office, in front of a TV or a computer.

Artists statement:


AsArt is a Kendal based company that specialises in creating contemporary visual artworks. Much of the work explores how we live in modern society. We are concerned with everyday actions and the possible consequences of our individual impact on the environment we inhabit and on each other. We have become increasingly aware of the role 'social policy' has endeavored to play in our understanding and enjoyment of the world around us. The point is to feel secure and find humour and to play with what is around you. The work we produce is multi-disciplinary partly due to the fact that the work dictates its own media. The essential point our practise has taught us is that it is impossible to create a piece of work successfully using the wrong media for the intention of an idea.



Kendal Town Centre


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Kendal Town Centre

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