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Oliver Lamb & Melanie Taylor

Arnside II


1-16 October

Project description:

A video in response to the 'Arnside' video.  The 'Arnside' video's sole aim is to highlight areas of outstanding natural beauty.  Arnside is also referred to by some as 'Heavens Waiting Room', as it is known to be a place where old people retire to, and consequently the majority of its inhabitants are elderly.  Our response to the video is largely influenced by conversations with the younger residents living within this environment.  A small limited number of copies of our alternative Arnside video will be left in resting places around Arnside on the 1st October 2005.

Artists statement:

We are both interested in the similarities between the fool and the artist. Harold Rosenberg wrote, "An artist should be a person who has deep feelings about what's going on in the world" But he also should realise that his role is not to be a political force, which on the contrary, like the poet, he is related to the medieval clown.  He makes free statements, says things that nobody perhaps would dare to say and does it with a force that comes from the control of his medium.  But he should not expect anything to happen as a result.  I mean, when a clown in a Shakespearian play for example, makes philosophical remarks that go to the heart of the matter, he does not expect the other characters to turn around and function in a different way.  He says what he sees because his roe as a clown is to be representative of the truth.



Various locations around Arnside




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