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Zoe Quick & Mara Krukowski

Don't let the Fishes take over Appleby!


1-16 October

Project description:

I We will produce a sculpture for public display and a piece of street theatre, which will be filmed for public display throughout the event.
The sculpture will be a fish on a bicycle with the legend, "Appleby needs climate change like a fish needs a bicycle" constructed from recycled materials with help from local residents.
The street theatre will involve local residents going about everyday activities wearing fish masks and small groups of 'fish people wearing t-shirts with pro climate change slogans on them. The filming of the street theatre will take the format of a spoof news item.  

Artists statement:

I am a freelance artist working in Appleby and the surrounding area, since moving to Appleby I have been working with local young people on various arts projects.
My intention with this project is to bring together local people of all ages to work together and have fun. I wanted to make the project relevant in local terms, so decided to take the recent severe flooding as my subject and to try and highlight the connection between a local issue and a global one (climate change) I also wanted to keep it lighthearted and fun, so have tried to introduce a little humour! My hope is that this project will not only encourage people to think about the issues put forward but also bring together Appleby residents to have fun, learn new skills and get to know each other better.



Appleby town Centre


to take part please contact ECO: 017683 51640




Artist's website:


Special thanks to: Eden Community OutdoorsECO

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