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Eleventh Hour Studios

Flooding Balloons


1-16 October

Project description:

I For one-day helium filled blue balloons will 'float' at the level the water reached in the car park outside eleventh hour studios.  Attached to each balloon will be an artwork and the name of a person affected by the flood.  Among the balloons will be fish and other images created by members of the local community during the period of FRED.  The height of the floodwater will be marked around the car park with chalk on the walls and by weaving fabric into the fence.  In the afternoon the balloons will b released to carry their 'messages' across Carlisle and beyond, representing the dispersion of the water and the opportunity to resume 'normal' life.  This will be recorded and projected on a large screen in the upper window of the studio for the following week.  

Artists statement:

Artists will work with groups of up to 12 in school or the studio as people make their own responses to the floods, the aftermath and recovery.  This may be in the form of pictures, collages, text or lightweight artifacts that can then be tied to balloons.  Larger images will be 'floated' on poles among the balloons before they are released.  There will be up to 20 sessions running consecutively or concurrently during the period of FRED, 1-15th October 2005.  There will be an exhibition of other material, (sculpture, video, music, painting) recording and made as a response to the event created by participants in Flood Art a City Council initiative to benefit victims of the floods



Eleventh Hour Studios, Shaddongate, Carlisle



Shaddongate Carlisle

Artist's website:


Special thanks to: Arts Council England North West ECO

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