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Anachron Gen


Return Of The Dead

Inkjet prints

1st – 16th October

Project description:

Muncaster Castle is the perfect venue to host a series of tiny, slightly eerie inkjet prints made from photographs taken with mobile phone cameras.  The group Anachron-Gen (Gemma Luz, Stuart Silver & Sean Williams) have created work that invites mystery – some of the images are on the intriguing cusp of indecipherable with half-identifiable phenomena; some are inspired by research into phobias and more obviously concerned with notions of fear; others might be recognisable to regular, inquisitive visitors to the castle.  Our aim is to create small, understated artworks that carry an inordinate, inexplicable psychological weight, that are evocative, haunting, triggering nostalgia for something intangible.  It is a minor unease – the fear that can not be fully explained. 

Artists statement:

Anachron-Gen have a mutual interest in tiny art ideas – we take pleasure in little, unspectacular things because this is the reality of our daily lives.  We are particularly excited about the use of the camera on our mobile phones – borne of an initial exchange of silly photos, progressing rapidly onto slightly less silly.  We like the blurred, grainy quality of the resulting print because it has the look of CCTV footage and is as close a physical realisation of déjà vu as we can achieve.

Our name is a tribute to the underrated punk band Chron-Gen (an abbreviation of ‘chronic generation’; ‘Anachron-Gen’ may stand for ‘anachronistic generation’, referring possibly to our use of such simple equipment when compared to the extraordinary capabilities of cutting-edge digital technology. We like context and medium to be apprpopriate.



Muncaster Castle


Signposted off the A595 South of Ravenglass


Muncaster Castle


Artist's website:

Special thanks to: Muncaster Castle

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