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irene packing her bag

Irene Sanderson

leave nothing take nothing

Ink-painting and digital imaging

1-5 October 2005

Project description:

Irene Sanderson, ink and paper artist, will be soaking herself and materials in the upper Eden valley to trace the course of the river while making herself an exhibition of ink-paintings and digital images.  The artworks are biodegradable and Nature will be employed to take over from the artist (leave nothing but footprints).  This event will be on footpaths by the river and never far from the road so you can easily view the daily progression.  You can also visit it on the FRED website (take nothing but photographs).  

Artists statement:

My art exploits the interaction of paper, ink and watercolour to produce studies from life and calligraphic works.  Much of my source material, conceptual and for origination, comes from the Far East.



From Hellgill to Solway Estuary


Irene will be working down the river Eden from its source near Hellgill some three miles from the south endof the B6259. At the roadside nearest to her workplace of the day will be
signs with four tall red and white flags.




Artist's website:


Special thanks to: Don Sanderson Japanese Translation

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