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Steve Messam

“How minor coincidences at a sub-atomic level manifest themselves in the real world” (Here be Dragons)

Installation - Vinyl on Aluminium

1st – 16th October

Project description:

Temporary road signs that mark the limits of the Yellow Pages.

The Pennines are often referred to as the “back-bone” of England. Stretching from the Derbyshire Dales, to the Scottish borders, they make up the largest hill and mountain range in England. In Cumbria, these dark and foreboding hills, form a geographical border with North Yorkshire, County Durham and Northumberland, but they also form a more intellectual barrier. As the border between the north West and the North East they have come to symbolise the last frontier. Phone books stop at the Pennines, as do the majority of bus services. Only two railway lines brave the crossing. The weather too, is influenced by the centrality of the limestone spine. – Warm and wet to the west and governed by the Gulf Stream, cold and dry to the east and subject to bitter Scandinavian winters.

Artists statement:

Steve Messam works in a variety of media to create site-specific and environmental pieces. His recent work plays with the juxtaposition of popular cultural references in rural locations and questions their own authenticity and reality.



B6259 – Aisgill cottages

B6270 – Tailbridge Hill

A686 – Alston – Hexham road

A689 – Alston – Durham rd.




Tail Bridge Hill

Northumbrian Border

Co. Durham Border



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