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untitled by Tom Makin

Tom Makin


A child’s school desk and chair, string-tags. Child’s cot, ceramic tiles, string-tags.

Saturdays and Sundays only

Project description:

A wooden fold-down child’s school desk and chair.  Embedded into the surface of the desk is a ball of string-tags, (nothing written on them), of about 30cm in diameter.  There is a similar ball of 20cm in diameter embedded into the seat of the chair. 

A child’s cot, lined on the inside surfaces with white ceramic tiles.  A ball of string-tags, (with nothing written on them) has been placed into the cot.



the Old Grammar School, Vicarage Lane, Kirkby Stephen.


from the Market Square, go down Stoneshot (signposted public toilets) and take the first left (Vicarage Lane). The Old Grammar School is on your right.


Vicarage Lane, Kirkby Stephen



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Special thanks to: Balraj Johal, Ken Bell and Matthew Keyworth for technical support.

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