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John Kelly


Mixed Media

8th- 14th October 2005

Project description:

Fabricated Newsagents ‘A’Boards will be placed in and around Carlisle city centre displaying news­paper style headlines submitted from members of the public. In the first instance a request will be made for contributions in the form of an advert placed in a regional newspaper and on public notice boards.40 selected submissions will be printed out, placed on newsagents ‘A’ boards (2 submissions per board) and displayed across the city centre pavements of Carlisle over a 1 mile radius. A web address will accompany the headline referring people to a website presenting a graphical overview of the project containing a map with the locations of the ‘A’ boards with their corresponding headlines, in addition to a list of all submissions.

Artists statement:

My work involves elaborate installations and events that encompass both direct and discreet interventions into public spaces. Blending existent social formations, such as business and recreation models, with idiosyncratic interpretations, I attempt to rewrite locations and create an opportunity to play between an ‘authorised’ and ‘unauthorised’ visual language.



Carlisle City Centre


Pedestrianised area adjacent to old town hall, Also across City centre boundaries, Carlisle.


Carlisle City Centre


Artist's website:


Special thanks to: Carlisle City Council

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