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David Jones  / Brenda Oakes


Sculptural Installation

1 – 16 October

Project description:

A dead or dying tree carries the weight of human detritus in the form of discarded shoes in place of its natural covering of leaves. The battle lines are drawn – industry versus nature. Who wins? The message is clear – we must stop overwhelming nature with our manufactured goods before nature becomes subsumed beneath the rising sea of our rubbish.

A frightening reality can initially carry and attractive appearance. Beware.

The work is comprised of a tree festooned with shoes found, bought, collected or donated from the beach, the council rubbish collection depot, charity shops or the local community. The shoes are attached to the tree with strong fishing line and sprayed green, pink or white.

Artists statement:

Brenda Oakes

My desire is to challenge. I attempt in my various artistic guises to push my own thinking as well as hopefully that of my audience. I strive to explore the limits of my various materials, as well as the acceptance of the viewer. There is no preference for the methods and media. In my public persona these will be dictated by the usual parameters. As a symposium artist the material is often specified by others from the outset, domination can prevail from either direction. In my own little art world I think I rule, ok?

David Jones

I borrow the discarded, unused and unconsidered, transforming through varying methodologies. Along the way the work becomes layered, consciously adding information for those seeking meanings. The majority left to satisfy themselves with the beauty and humour which resonates throughout. The work is never more than an exercise in personal communication, a way of shrouding my inner thoughts through a non speaking media. Never is a piece as empty as first impressions suggest. That then is an accurate reflection of my personality. I do not set out to change deep rooted attitudes and prejudices, only to offer my reasoned opinions.



Langwathby Village Green


A686 NE of Penrith

by Rail from Carlisle or Leeds




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Special thanks to: Langwathby Parish Council

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