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Samantha Allan

Spotted! Whale on Silecroft Beach

Sculpture/Full Scale Model

Chicken Wire mesh frame, Linen Fabric hardened by PVA glue, Household emulsion, PVA glue

1st - 3rd October

Project description:

As morning rises over Silecroft beach the light reveals an enormous dark object on the shore. It is a life size model of a stranded whale that has been installed in the early morning before the dog walkers, horse riders and joggers venture out. They will be the first people to see it, followed by passengers of the Barrow to Carlisle train, the West Cumbria Coastal Path walkers, local villagers, the beach visitors or ice-cream customers, and eventually by those masses who have come to witness it, having heard the rumours.The project seeks to create a situation that entices the viewer to react spontaneously to the work.

Artists statement:

My practice is continuously developing within a core area; the relationship between objects, sites and the people who use them. Through site-specific intervention, I subtly alter a site with an addition of an object that is both incongruous but also conceivable, such as a fence in the park or handrail in a foyer. By altering the ‘routine’ of the site the users of the space become the audience and are invited to question their surroundings. Through various modes of documentation I collate and evaluate the audiences reactions to the work, producing an ongoing body of research into the complexities and absurdity of audience participation.



Silecroft Beach


From A595 (toward Whitehaven) go past the sign post for Millom & continue until then turn off into Silecroft, take the main rd to the beach and whale can be seen from the car park.


Silecroft Beach


Artist's website:


Special thanks to: copeland district council

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