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snow bother

Snow Bother - by Vincent James

Vincent James

Snow Bother

Mixed media

1st - 16th October

Project description:

Objects from different cartoon worlds collide in ‘Snow Bother,’ an 8-foot snowball lodged in a tree on the Grizedale Forest Sculpture Trail.  Broken skis, ski poles and banana skins are among the objects, from cartoons such as Roadrunner and The Simpsons, which are realised 3 dimensionally and rolled up in this giant snowball. 

‘My aim is to bring props from different cartoons together in funny and surprising combinations.  With this piece I wanted to make a slapstick version of one of Andy Goldsworthy’s snowball sculptures.’

Artists statement:

Vincent James' collages, sculptures, animations and installations are based on objects appropriated from cartoons.  In these works props from different cartoon worlds collide in surprising interactions from the strange to the surreal. 

Objects originally only glimpsed in a few frames of a cartoon, become frozen in time, locked in three-dimensional space or trapped in endless loops of animation.

James’ work is populated by a ‘cast of objects' that previously existed as little more than background items or props in the narrative and are now free to star in new plots and scenarios.

Since completing an MA at Goldsmiths in 1999 James has shown both nationally and internationally.  Recent exhibitions include Crash Bang Wallop, a solo show at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, and We Didn't Mean to be Bad Kids TV Made Us Do It, a group exhibition currently touring the UK.  Vincent James lives and works in Lancaster.



Grizedale Forest, Nr Hawkshead


Ridding Wood Trail: From the Visitor Centre follow the blue signs to the Ridding Wood Trail


Grizedale Visitors Centre




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Special thanks to: GrizedaleForestry CommissionWestmoreland Packaging Ltd

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