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Jo Hodges/ Robbie Coleman

Permanent Wave

Site specific video installation

6/7 October

8 -11pm

Project description:

Permanent wave is a large scale video installation to seen at night from the road).

The video will be shown continuously for three hours but will be seen in fragments of a few seconds by passing cars.  It is shot in black and white.  A woman fills most of the screen, she is waving.  Over the hour she passes through every imaginable scenario of hello, goodbye, loss, gain, triumph, failure.......

Artists statement:

The video will be shot as one continuous performance using the same performer as we used in the train line piece “peripheral visions”.  It continues our experiments with moving audiences and still films, and our interest in revealing only parts of stories, leaving individual audience members to create and meditate on the hidden part and their relationship within it.



' Permanent  Wave' video installation can be viewed from the M6 motorway, northbound only , between Junction 41 and Southwaite Services.      See Map.     No stopping on the hard shoulder please!'


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Permanent Wave Location


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