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4ft x 4ft photographic prints

3rd - 5th October

Project description:

For Fred 2005 we would like to produce and exhibit unique pinhole photographs which capture some of the unseen experiences of being a visitor to Cumbria; a region which attracts millions of tourists. We plan to use our ‘pinhole caravan’ to creatively document some of the unseen yet dominant experiences of touring Cumbria’s landscape; as most visitors travel around the landscape in their own vehicles, and often reside in others, such as caravans. We plan to use our caravan to document camping sites, car parks, and even, journeys from place to place.

Furthermore, we plan to exhibit the unique photographs we produce in and around our caravan when we are parked at these sites.

Artists statement:

punctum is a newly formed voluntary organisation of lens-based (photographic) artists in the North East. With backing from the Arts Council North East and several sponsors we are currently delivering our first major project, In-Camera; which involves transforming both a building and a caravan into pinhole cameras and exhibiting the resulting work in August 2005.



Various Car parks and camping sites





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