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Gill Hands

Subverting Beatrix Potter


October 2005

10th - 14th October

Project description:

The artist will perform her poem ‘Mrs Tiggywinkle Gets Naked’ at various venues around the county and give out supportive postcards. The artists will also dress up animal statues as appropriate and encourage members of the general public to also dress up their own garden animal statues as part of ‘Dress Up Animals Week’.

Artists statement:

Subverting Beatrix Potter will be a performance of Mrs Tiggywinkle Gets Naked in towns throughout Cumbria. This is in honour of Beatrix Potter and her fabulous animal creations that bring lots of tourists to the lakes. Some tourists arrive without much idea of the place they are visiting, I’m sure some of them half expect animals to be wearing clothes. (I have worked in tourist information!)
Some of her stories are quite dark and violent (like the best children’s stories) and reflect an aspect of the countryside that people don’t like to think about- animals get killed all the time.  This contrasts with the syrupy commercial potrayal of her work.
Beatrix Potter should be honoured in a non commercial way- why are there lots of franchise shops and tourist outlets but no public statues commemorating her?  



Monday 10 oct.12.30   Lower Oddascales, Drigg. (Opposite Hill Green Farm, Drigg Road)

Tuesday 11 oct.12.30  Whitehaven Market Place, (near La Chic)

Wednesday 12 oct.12.30 Cockermouth- Lowther Went shopping arcade- (near Wilkinson's)

Thursday 13 oct 12.30 Workington - (near woolworths)

Friday 14 oct St Bees Beach (on the promenade, just below the cafe)





Artist's website: wildwomen press


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