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Helen Fletcher


Wire, unfired ceramics and wood.

1st – 16th Oct

Project description:

Naiads are ancient river nymphs, and the dance partners of the forest dwelling god Pan. I am fascinated by these simultaneously nurturing yet warrior female spirits, and with our recent flood troubles find them particularly relevant.

This figurative piece is constructed partly from wire, partly from unfired clay, and the Cumbrian elements will change her appearance continuously, echoing the processes that formed the sculptures surrounding environment, and devastated the region in the new year.

Gods and Deities have been created throughout time to explain the un-explainable, and although this piece addresses the duality of water, it also speaks of the duality of life: the ability in everyone and everything to change and be made to change, be that creatively or destructively.

Artists statement:

I am a sculptor inspired by the human form and condition and I am interested in challenging the thoughts and emotions of my audience. I have worked predominantly in ceramics since graduating three years ago, although the flooding of my kiln made me look at other options, and prompted the further development of the wire sculptures – previously a technique only used for rapid initial idea studies.

Change is a strong theme running through my work, and the desire to provoke memory and discussion amongst my audience, continue to inspire me. 



SW of Brampton


From Brampton, turn left off the A69, at the sign for Hayton and Townhead (not far from the A69/A689 roundabout) About 1/2mile, turn left over a bridge, and immeadiately right into a small car park. Walking from here, follow the path into the woods, and fork right.


Gelt Woods


Artist's website:


Special thanks to: Brampton Parish Council

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