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gmsheep by Kate Eggleston-Witz

Kate Eggleston-Wirtz

Genetically Modified Sheep

mixed media

1st - 16th October

Project description:

Humans are scientifically messing about with food sources and this life size sheep simply tells us “we are what we eat, and we are becoming whatever we have created”.

The sheep is made out of a poly foam material used in the field of taxidermy and includes pieces of a cut up British map symbolic of the patchwork environs of Britain and a game board. It is collaged in old food recipes and pages from a sheep management book and incorporates computer chip boards, glass sheep eyes, false teeth and test tubes.

Artists statement:

As an American formally trained as an illustrator and graphic designer I bring together history, symbolism, movement and travel to create conceptual pieces of artwork. These issue-based works become a marriage between word association and a variety of materials creating visual poetry. With the viewer’s keen eyes, the closer one looks at the work, the more one will discover.



J. Nicholson Butchers,

Main St



From the main town centre car park, head into town through a tiled alleyway. J.Nicholson Butchers are directly opposite


Main Street, Maryport


Artist's website:


Special thanks to: J. Nicholson Butchers

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