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Paul Ditch

Natural and man made materials in situ

10 – 14 October

Project description:

This project is based on the fact that many differed things today; places, objects, events and people have their own dedicated websites, no matter how mundane or irrelevant the subject matter. In reaction to this I will be creating various fictional websites addresses in response to what I experience while exploring the Keswick area, and labelling the appropriate items, places etc using the materials in that surrounding environment as humorous comments on what I observe whilst exploring the area. Natural and man-made materials will be used as appropriate and the aim is to create a subtle, covert but entertaining installation.

Artists statement:

My project is an installation in the spirit of British Land Art. The Lake District has strong ties to this type of work and is the perfect place to work with what you find when out in the open. My aim is to create an absurd and humorous installation, which heightens the sense of a place or object within a space by drawing attention to it. This project will appear as both a clearly visible installation in the Keswick area and also as a secret, covert operation with the web addresses remaining hidden or obscured until they are discovered. Photography will play an important part in this project as a means of recording these events as, like much land art, they are not permanent and will soon be absorbed back into the landscape.



Keswick Town Centre







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