FRED - it's an art invasion  

Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman

Peripheral Visions      



Bored passengers, train journey spaces, the space between cities, staring into the pitch dark countryside, dark hills, beyond reflections in the windows. A moving image coming into view, is glimpsed, and then gone, a 15 second movie, was it really there or not?  Some people have seen it some people haven't.  Passengers continue through the night wondering…

A special screening for trains. 15 second films for passengers on the west coast line between Carlisle and Penrith. An exercise in subliminal storytelling, projected widescreen in the rural darkness. Scottish based artists Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman present movies for the corner of the eye.


Visible from Virgin Trains between Carlilse & Penrith.Left hand side when traveling south, Right hand side northbound.

(normal fares apply)


3rd & 4th October; from 7pm


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